About Joel Braverman:

Born in NYC to Afro-Jewish parents, I grew up with a love of music, and began playing the piano at a young age. In high school and collge I became interested in computers and electronic music and began experimenting with music programming and sound synthesis, and played keyboards in a psychedelic rock band called "Reptile Sex" fronted by magician Alain Nu

After re-locating to California as a young adult in the late 1980's I began to intensely pursue music, and my interest in composing music for films.

I have composed music for several award winning documentaries, features, and shorts, most recently for Indie action feature "Dope In Motion", and politically charged documentary film "Votergate".

Alien Encounters...

While working on music for Ole Schell's film, "1987", I met director/producer James Fox, then working on "UFOs - 50 Years of Denial". James was impressed with the music I had created for 1987, and asked me if I could create some music for his film. I did. "UFOs 50 Years of Denial" was eventually acquired by Discovery, and later by the Sci Fi channel, along with James's recent documentary, "Out of the Blue".

About This Website:

This website, including dynamic mp3 streaming, is a Lotus Domino database application I created.

Other websites include a web application for photographer Ilka Hartmann and websites for painters and visual artists such as Waldemar Mitrowski and Peter Turner